Time to say thank you.
Time to wish you all the best.

With these Christmas greetings we would like to thank you for your valuable cooperation during an exciting cruise season and your trust in us and our work. Our whole team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, bright and successful New Year.

This year, we have again decided to support two social projects instead of sending you Christmas cards by
post, and we trust that you will also back this idea. One project is the German Seafarer’s Mission who
supports seafarers in many respects during their stay in the port. (http://www.dsm-bremerhaven.de)

Furthermore, we think that little human beings who are not yet capable of caring for themselves also merit a very special attention. Therefore, we will again support the Bjoern Steiger Stiftung which helps to save lives
not only by providing defibrillators for our cruise terminal but also has a very good reputation with respect to the equipment of emergency ambulances for very small babies.

Merry Christmas and warm regards from Bremerhaven and  Wismar!

Veit Hürdler, Andrea Kamjunke-Weber, Karen Reinke, Laura Lüers, Laura Peters, Wilfried Probst, Nele Scheland, Volker Beckmann, Jens Kroos, Malaike Schlereth, Pya Töwe, Pierre Güntemur and last but not least  Michael Kremp and Claudia Keick.