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Cruise passengers have always appreciated a direct connection to the sea. And our parking facilities are located in the direct vicinity of our terminal. Arrive. Park. Depart.
Please follow the signs for “Kreuzfahrtterminal”. Parking Zones P1 and P3 are available for visitors to the Columbus Cruise Center.
Baggage check-in is possible at both parking facilities. Please refer to the table below for parking fees.
This also includes all necessary information for mobility-challenged visitors. RV parking is available only on request.
Our parking fees
P1 | directly at the the terminal
1 day 15,00 Euro 9 days 115,00 Euro
2 days 30,00 Euro 10 days 120,00 Euro
3 days 45,00 Euro 11 days 125,00 Euro
4 days 60,00 Euro 12 days 130,00 Euro
5 days 75,00 Euro 13 days 135,00 Euro
6 days 90,00 Euro 14 days 140,00 Euro
7 days 105,00 Euro 15 days 145,00 Euro
8 days 110,00 Euro 16 days 150,00 Euro

from the 7th day each following day will be charged with 5,00 €. Our fees will be charged without VAT.

P3 | 500 m from the terminal
1 day 10,00 Euro 9 days 80,00 Euro
2 days 20,00 Euro 10 days 85,00 Euro
3 days 30,00 Euro 11 days 90,00 Euro
4 days 40,00 Euro 12 days 95,00 Euro
5 days 50,00 Euro 13 days 100,00 Euro
6 days 60,00 Euro 14 days 105,00 Euro
7 days 70,00 Euro 15 days 110,00 Euro
8 days 75,00 Euro 16 days 115,00 Euro

ab dem 7. Tag wird jeder weitere Tage mit 5,00 Euro berechnet. Die genannten Beträge verstehen sich zzgl. einer einmaligen Reservierungsgebühr von 5,00 Euro. Die Gebühren sind aufgrund unserer Lage im Freihafen von der Umsatzsteuer befreit.

P2 | Parkingservice "Premium" by Kühne & Nagel
Parking lots for the premium parking product of our partner Kühne & Nagel are reserved for you on parking area P2. Please follow the signs “Kreuzfahrtterminal” and subsequently the park guidance system directing to P2.
Please take a parking ticket when entering the parking area. As this ticket is for entering only, you may dispose it afterwards.
Then please select a free space on the area marked with the Kühne & Nagel logo.
Parking for mobility-challenged visitors
Zone P1 includes 12 marked parking spaces for the disabled. Parking is restricted to blue badge holders (Parkausweis BL, AG). Reservation is not possible.
Parking for RVs
Parking for RVs is possible on request in Zone P3 at a surcharge of 50%. Water and power supplies are not available. Waste and sewage disposal is not allowed. Please direct your enquiries to:
Journey by railway

The public transportation company “BREMERHAVEN BUS” is offering a direct transfer with modern coaches between Bremerhaven’s main train station and the cruise terminal. The schedule is adapted on the arrival/departure times of the trains and cruise ships. Moreover a shuttle service to/from Bremerhaven downtown is offered during the stay of cruise ship(s). These shuttle tickets are also valid for the transfers. Please refer to the information posted in the terminal. All tickets are sold by the bus driver.

For further information please do not hesitate to call

+49. 471. 3003 500 or to send a mail to:


The Parking space is located directly at the terminal and is under video surveillance. Follow the P1 signs and take a ticket at the entrance. Please park your car first and unload your luggage afterwards to bring it to the luggage-drop-off-zone. Porters will give you a hand if needed. The parking ticket needs to be payed on the departure day at one of the two parking machines at the ground floor of the terminal.


You will reach another approx. 8000m² parking space within 500m walking distance.
Please follow the signs guiding you to the parking space P3. You can pay the parking fee directly at the entrance of the parking space by cash or by debit- or credit card.
The parking space is completely fenced, partly roofed and will be locked after the departure of the cruise ship.
The parking space is not monitored by security camera, neither by security personnel.
No liability can be assumed for any damages.