The first cruise ship of the year has arrived at Wismar today which started the cruise season of 2019!
The “ms Astoria” is a well known and popular cruise ship.

The next cruise ship will be the “ms Astor” which is expected to call Wismar after it completed its previous trip through the Baltic sea.
330 passengers are expected to leave the ship and 526 passengers are going to board the “ms Astor” in Wismar to start the next journey.

In 2019 following ships are expected to call Wismar:
16.08.2019 „ms Albatros“
17.08.2019 „ms Amadea“
28.08.2019 „ms Deutschland“
28.09.2019 „ms Hebridean Sky“
02.10.2019 „ms Amera“
03.10.2019 „ms Marco Polo“

Cruise guests will benefit from the closeness to Wismar’s old town and trips to the surrounding areas including Berlin.
Wismar is offering cruise guests a bus transfer from the pier to the market square, special city maps, a welcome greeting for guests and crew as well as a farewell ceremony shortly before the ships departure. These special amenities are provided by the “Interessengemeinschaft Kreuzfahrt”. It is now managed by the tourist information center which will take future actions to support cruise tourism in Wismar